He made an incredible gift from wood for his girlfriend

They say the best gift is the gift you put your heart and soul in it. The saying “It’s the thought that counts” it’s not made for nothing. That is why making or crafting a gift for your loved ones is the best gift they can receive from you. Next time you want to give something special to your loved ones, consider making the gift yourself.

This boyfriend wanted to do something special for his girlfriend birthday. He put in use his creative side and his crafting skills in use to make the best present ever for his girlfriend. You can check the project down below step by step with images.

He decided to make the phases of the moon because his girlfriend loves them. He decided to make the moon phases on burn wood art for her birthday.

wood art1

He started the project by gluing and sanding the wood boards together.

wood art

He made draw the lunar phases on the wood to ensure everything will align perfectly.

wood art 8

He used wood-burning pen to draw the shapes on the wooden board.

wood art 7


wood art 6


wood art 5

He didn’t forget to apply one more interest of his girlfriends on the board. She also loves zodiac signs, and he made sure they are on the board align perfectly.

wood art 4

wood art 12


wood art 3

He was going for the rustic look. He stained the wood to achieve the look.

wood art 2

He also attached a hanging wire and stenciled here name in this piece of art.

wood art 11

Its finished!

wood art 10

Instead of buying a meaningless gift, he made an effort to make something that she will remember for long time. Next time instead of buying a gist you can try and make something meaningful for your loved ones.

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