Man Who Wears 200 Pound Turban

A man named Baba Avtar Singh is the man that wars the 200 pound turban on his head! Mr. Baba lives in north of India where he is popular for his unique turban that he wears every single day, yes every single day!
The turbans he is wearing are made by him. He is crafting this unique of art turbans with silver ornaments that weigh approximately 100 pounds, and large amount of fabric (2.460 feet).
Mr. Baba must have an iron core and neck to do everything he does every single day with his turban of 200 punts, like riding a motorcycle, walking and other stuff that you can see on the video below.


Man with 200 Pound Turban


We have to admit Baba look really badass, its not someone you want to mess with!Man with Wears 200 Pound Turban-2

Don’t’ forget to watch the video below of Baba.

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