The Women With Two Vaginas

If you ever wondered if there is someone in the world with actual two vaginas, you have a lot of free time! But interesting enough there is. Popular YouTube star Cassandra Bankson have told everyone here biggest secret that she has two vaginas.

She also have shared that she is in lot of pain when she has here period, apparently it’s because she has two vaginas. She occasionally have two periods in one month and also can be linked to her chronic acne. The doctor informed here that she has only one kidney but she has two vaginas. Casandra did ensured everyone that only one vagina have an actual opening.

I actually applaud here for bravery to share this thing with the world. She is a strong young girl with a birth future ahead as a model and a YouTube make up artist.

Down below after the images is the video interview with Cansandra talking about here condition and future plans.

The Women With Two Vaginas-2

The Women With Two Vaginas

The Women With Two Vaginas-4

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